Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finding inspiration... 

You know what I needed to get me to write another blog post?

If you said "another crazy wife/car keys" story - take a bow!

For those not familiar, my wife and the keys to her truck are a long running source of comedy those not tasked with finding them after she "loses" them, by which I mean everyone but me.

So, spouse heads out to go grocery shopping. Your hero (that's me), is preparing everyone's hero (that's Xander) for bed when the phone rings. Caller ID says it's Publix.

"Honey...I locked my keys in the truck."

Good news? Publix isn't that far away. Bad news - she not only has her keys to the truck, she also has my keys, which means nobody's getting in the truck. Still, she can't walk home, right? I'm at least 53% sure she shouldn't walk home. So Xander (in his pajamas) and me are off to rescue the crazy redhead.

I pull into Publix to see her waiting by the truck. Since we can't take the truck home (remember, she has my keys as well), we have to load the groceries into my car. She's sure she locked her keys in the truck, so there isn't any other choice, right? I move one, count 'em one, bag. What do I see?

Xander Pictures 039

So, the spouse continues to lose her keys without, you know, actually losing her keys, but there is one silver lining.

Xander found the whole side trip (and delayed bedtime) enormously entertaining.

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