Monday, May 24, 2010

Maine: Your next big vacation destination. 

Did you know it was legal for women to go topless in Maine? Yeah, me neither. But apparently, not only is it legal, but there was a protest aimed at making topless women in public socially acceptable.

Quote of the day comes from the protest's organizer, in relation to what were probably just supporters documenting the occasion for posterity.
Simoneau, for one, had no regrets. She encouraged other women to take up the cause. And she said she wasn't going to let camera-toting men ruin her day, either.

"Unfortunately, there's no way to deal with people taking pictures for prurient interest, but I feel the best way to deal with that is to just ignore it," she said.
OK, obviously her keeping her top on would prevent people from taking pictures for prurient interest. You know that. I know that. These folks don't know that.

And I say there's really no reason to tell them.

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