Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I think this makes me MC Skat Kat 

Dawn Summers has a post about the improbability of "opposites attract" relationships working out. As she says:
It’s not just about politics either. If someone is truly your anti-you. They are AGAINST YOU! Take that in!
I presume responding in a post on my own blog rather than commenting on Dawn's is an "anti-Dawn" kind of thing to do, to which I can only say - here's a picture of Xander playing with poker chips.

Now, if one is talking about "anti-you" or "opposite," it depends on what you're talking about. If you're http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judge_Dredd and the opposite you're thinking about is Judge Death, yeah, you probably have a serious compatibility problem. Especially when Judge Death, in between bouts of trying to kill you, keeps gloating about not having to be in that crappy-ass movie. (Seriously, Rob Schnieder?) But Superman and Batman are opposites too, in powers, methods, and general outlook on life, and they actually work well together. (I have to switch from Judge Dredd to the Justice League because I don't know enough about the Judge Dredd comic books to come up with good analogies. I mean, come on, you think I'm some kind of geek?)



Don't answer that.

I've posted before about having married someone who wouldn't vote for me, in posts I can't find and am too lazy to search for. On one hand, you can think we're "opposites," because each of us believes in things the other is sure would doom us as a nation. To recap, she really, really wanted to vote for John Edwards. (Serious question for anyone who ever supported Edwards. How did that guy not redline your douchebag detector the moment he opened his mouth?) That we are too far opposite each other is certainly one way of looking at it. The other way is that you actually have a shared interest in politics, current events, and your different views actually help keep a conversation going. I, for one, always felt sorry for people who agreed too much. I mean, what exactly do they talk about?

Liberal husband: Boy, that Sarah Palin sure is dumb.

Liberal wife: Yep. Dumb as a brick.

Liberal husband: Couldn't agree more.

(Long pause)

Liberal husband: Wouldn't kick her out of bed, though.

And cut to the police car arriving.

My point, though, is that while obviously an enemy isn't someone you can really connect with, the thing that people forget is someone who's interested in the same things you are, but approaches them from a different view, isn't really an enemy.

At least, they didn't use to be.

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