Monday, October 05, 2009

Quote of the day 

Found this blog by former pro wrestler Dutch Mantell. If you aren't a wrestling fan, you haven't heard of him. If you are, you still may not have heard of him, or just barely heard of him. He was one of those guys whose prime pre-dates Hulkamania, a solid if unspectacular wrestler who moved from territory to territory, working for different promoters until they ran out of things for him to do, then moving on to the next place.

Anyways, the first couple posts make it look like Dutch's life might make interesting reading, from the road stories in the old days to his stints backstage at the WWE and TNA. In any event - this quote from his first post is your quote of the day:
I've wrestled animals such as bears on chains and off chains. I remember after wrestling the bear, PETA wrote a letter to the promoter saying the animal had been abused. There was nothing in the letter about me, just the bear. Bastards.
I assume PETA's problem was that the bear was asked to do the job.

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