Saturday, October 14, 2006

Amazing, this stuff still makes me smile... 

George Ryan's request to remain free on bail pending his appeal has been denied. He will have to begin serving his sentence in January.

Just in time, too. Because in Illinois, the new corruption story doesn't wait for the old one. Current Governor Rod Blagojevich (pronounced "idiot") is now having troubles, with one of his closest advisers and fundraisers now under federal indictment for using his position to extort contributions. Two fun things about this - one, if you call Blagojevich an idiot, he has to agree with you, since his defense is he had no idea what his friend was doing. (A defense that worked oh-so-well when Ryan used it.) The second funny thing - the indicted fundraiser, Tony Rezko, missed his first court appearance, and is currently considered a fugitive. His lawyer swears he isn't ducking anything, and will be back shortly. Amazingly, the judge didn't take his word for it.

Illinois politics - where people want to be stupid, because that's the only way to avoid being corrupt.

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