Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm getting better 

This year, I correctly predicted 53 teams out of 65. (And I should get half a point for Seton Hall.) My best calls were Air Force, Utah State, and Xavier, and I will have a nice tall glass of "What the hell was he thinking?" regarding Colorado, Houston, and Old Dominion. (3 at-large bids for the CAA was admittedly wishful thinking on my part - but seriously, if you finish 8th in your conference, however good said conference is - do you really merit a spot in the Big Dance?) Apologies to the Bradley Braves for incorrectly giving their spot to Missouri State. (The thing about attending a school in a mid-major conference - we all become Missouri Valley fans come NCAA time. The Valley isn't going to get at-large bids if we don't deliver in the tournament - so I need Wichita St. and company to deliver, because sometime in the future Illinois State may win 20 games and choke in the conference tournament. This sentiment is not shared by alumni of big conference schools - as I recall the following law school conversation with a Tennessee alum:)

Me: So, you don't pull for your fellow SEC teams come tournament time?

Him: No, we pretty much wish them ill all year round.

Me: So, if Kentucky were to lose to Sam Houston State in the first round...

Him: That would pretty much be the greatest thing to have ever happened in the history of America.
(In a somewhat related note - Thinking of Tennessee as a #2 seed requires Keith Richards levels of mind altering drugs.)

In filling out my brackets, I went with the relatively easy final of Duke over UConn. My more upset-minded (read: crazy) spouse has Illinois beating Gonzaga, which is I think like the 6th year in a row she's picked that particular final.

Bonus pick - Cincinnati over Creighton in the finals of the NIT.

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